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Hey! So I know I haven’t been on this blog in a long time, but if you all wanted to follow me on my other blog, it isĀ here!

Oh woo yea! 710 followers

sorry i havent been on much! I am in wdw so i am kinda busy!

talkmagictomepodcast: Hello there! My name is Danielle and I am one of four hosts on the new Disney discussion podcast, Talk Magic to Me! Seeing as you are a Disney tumblr, it would mean a whole lot if you could repost this for all of your followers to see to spread the word about the podcast! Our introduction episode is out now via iTunes and our first episode premieres this Wednesday. For more info, visit our website at www(.)talkmagic2me(.)com Thanks for the help and support and have a magical weekend!

This sounds amazing! Everybody go check it out!


I was productive >XDDDD